The Rich Need More Workers – Why Society Wants You to Stay an Employee and How to Be Free Forever

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How to Break the Paradigm and be Free – The Ultra Wealthy Need Workers and Employees to Run Their Businesses While They Collect the Money

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Society is run by the rich, those who don't know it or believe it simply don't understand the way things work.

The ONLY WAY to adjust this paradigm is to become your own boss. Working for someone else will NEVER MAKE YOU TRUE WEALTH, its as simple as that.

You can put in 16 hour days 7 days a week for years and can still make 100k a year, or sometimes even less

How hard you work is NOT directly proportional to how much you make when you work for someone else, anyone who has worked in a corporation knows there are people who work harder and those who do less, and their wages do not reflect that in a linear fashion…

When you work for yourself how hard/smart you work is EXACTLY proportionate to what you can create and earn, and this is a beautiful thing for the hustler…

Society and the government and our upbringings too often program us to believe that the proper way to grow up is to go to school get grades go to college and get a normal job

While this path works for some, entrepreneurs know from an early age they need something different, they NEED to break apart from the average and create the life of their dreams

And transforming dreams into reality can only happen when you wake up and realize the way of the world, and hustle every single day over and over and over again until you get where you know you belong.

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The Rich Need More Workers – Why Society Wants You to Stay an Employee and How to Be Free Forever


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