John F Kennedy | Transformation From 1 To 46 Years Old

Birthday: May 29, 1917
Nationality: American
Famous: Quotes By John F. Kennedy Political Leaders
Sun Sign: Gemini
Died At Age: 46
Born In: Brookline
Famous As: 35th President Of The United States
Political Ideology: Democratic
Spouse/Ex-: Jacqueline Bouvier
Father: Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
Mother: Rose Fitzgerald
Siblings: Edward Moore Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, Jean Kennedy,Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Kathleen Agnes Kennedy, Patricia Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Rosemary Kennedy
Children: 1963), Arabella (1956), Caroline B. (B. 1957), John F Jr. (1960–1999), Patrick B. (August 7-August 9
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Died On: November 22, 1963
Place Of Death: Dallas
Cause Of Death: Assassination
A quote by Kennedy, ‘Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men’, perfectly summarizes his philosophy of life. A man with a futuristic vision, John Fitzgerald Kennedy served as the 35th President of the United States. Born in an elite, politically involved Catholic family of Boston, Kennedy was elected as President at the age of 43. Before taking up the office of the President, Kennedy served in the U.S. House of Representatives and the US Senate. He defeated Vice President and Republican candidate Richard Nixon to become the President of the United States. He was the youngest President elected and the first Roman Catholic to hold the prestigious office. Kennedy is known to have played an influential role in revolutionizing American politics. Though the initial days of his presidency brought out a negative image of the Kennedy-ruled White House, due to the Bay of Pigs fiasco and inimical Cold War, it was due to his skilful statesmanship and confident approach that he earned the title of a compelling, charismatic leader.
Childhood & Early Life
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was second of the four children of Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald. While his father was a banker, later serving as the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Ambassador to Great Britain, his mother was a debutante.
Born in Brookline, young Kennedy completed his preliminary education from various schools, before the family shifted base to New York. Mischievous and playful, he excelled in English and history – subjects he had profound interest in, but remained a mediocre student overall.
Following his elder brother, Kennedy attended The Chaote School for his higher education. He graduated from the same in 1935 and wished to enrol himself at the London School of Economics. But his constantly failing health forced him to return to America where he sought admission at the Princeton University.
After spending a semester in Princeton, Kennedy moved to Harvard in 1936. His academic life at Harvard was a replica of his former years – he excelled in subjects that he loved but remained an average student on an overall basis due to his diversified interest.
With time, Kennedy developed an interest in political philosophy which made him serious about education. He completed his thesis in 1940 on ‘Appeasement of Munich’, which was so well received that it was turned to a book under the title ‘Why England Slept’. The book became a bestseller. Same year, Kennedy graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor of Science cum laude in international affairs.

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