How to become a MILLIONAIRE – 7 Principles – The Truth No One Tells You (2018)

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Video Summary:
Skip the get rich quick schemes, the secret stock tips, or the "cheats" and gimmicks to become a millionaire.

If you TRULY want to be a millionaire, you have to distinguish yourself from the average population from the inside out. There are multiple mindsets that you must possess to even conceive of having that much money.

There are prejudices to be shed before you can believe it's even possible to amass a million dollars in your life — despite all the disadvantages you currently believe about yourself. You must unapologetically overcome ALL of them, every single one. "I can't …" won't get your there.

You must be an unquenchable learner. You must be driven to constant improvement, a bottomless pit to be filled with everything you can learn. Personal development must proceed development of the business plan.

Yes, you must work hard, but not just at your career or a business.

You must identify a great need or void in the world, then find a way to fix it.

And you must do it with great passion and drive.

Here is Leo´s full video:

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