How BILLIONAIRES Think & Is It Too Late To Do AMAZON FBA! #CoffeeSideChat 3

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(2:51) Question #1: How do you think billionaires think regarding business? What are the mindsets that differentiate them from an average person?
(7:35) Question #2: How many cups of coffee do you drink a day and what, or who inspired you to start Amazon, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, etc?
(11:53) Question #3: Is it too late to do Amazon FBA? I've been hearing it's at a saturation point, and that it's no longer viable?
(15:16) Question #4: What do you recommend in regards to find people who are in this journey of e-commerce? What suggestions do you have for me and others who really want to start their own business but need guidance?
(17:40) Question #5: How do you cope with the difficulties of a toxic environment?

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