Millennial Millionaire Explains Why Money is No Longer the Only Currency Used for Building Wealth

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Today's "Millionaire Worth Modeling" Podcast Interview –

Hershey Hilado is not your typical 24 years old. Her difficult upbringing enabled her to develop the resilience and ability to influence others by example. Recently nominated as one of the 30 under 30 Influencive Entrepreneurs 2016, she is unstoppable with a purpose to SERVE, SURRENDER and IMPACT millions of lives.

Growing up in an environment of physical and emotional abuse she became a parent to 7 of her siblings at a mere age of 14. Her father was murdered by her own uncle when she was 12. She got into shoplifting when she was 13 to survive. Her own Mother forced her to marry a man 3 times her age when she was 16 for money.

After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for 2 years until she found her relatives on the Father side who took her in until she found her way to Australia when she was 18.

She worked in McDonalds as a crew member and as a Security Control Room Operator for a few years until she realized that her calling was far greater than just being good at her job. Her purpose was far greater than simply earning and surviving. After reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad book she then quite her job few months later and started her first business back in Nov 2013.

Today, she runs 2 businesses, a Women's Fashion Label called Ohmagosh sold in over 15 countries across the globe and Creative Vortex where Entrepreneurs, Start- Ups and Business Owners can purchase pre-made branding packages.

Her passion and purpose stretches beyond overcoming adversity, running a business and Entrepreneurship. As a Philanthropist she is one of the Ambassadors for The Freedom Hub, a none for profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of survivors of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery in Australia.

She speaks for those who needed a voice. She is a hustler, global speaker and passionate human being that truly lives her life with so much gratitude.

She is one of the most Inspirational and Influential Female Entrepreneur of this generation and now on a mission to inspire and impact others through her journey and stories of the world's most powerful and successful Millennial Entrepreneurs.

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Matt Aitchison is a 7-figure real estate investor, millennial entrepreneur, speaker and educator. Matt hosts the Millionaire Mindcast, a top ranked motivational podcast focused on helping individuals from around the globe grow their wealth while living a life of fulfillment far beyond what dollars can buy.

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