Retire a Millionaire in the Philippines: An OFW’s Dream

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Retire A Millionaire in The Philippines:An OFW's Dream.
I thought before that millions can be earned through working abroad and that life overseas is a luxury!

But of course the irony of it all!

Now that I'm overseas Ive realized its the other way around!

Guys specially OFW friends, let me share with you that we can retire a millionaire in the Philippines. If Bro.Bo Sanchez had taught his maid how to earn million in the stock market then how come we can't do so had it not been were driven with our goals?

Likewise coach Eduard Reformina en ex-OFW earning millions through teaching other Filipinos to do just the same?

Lesson here is to EDUCATE ourselves properly provided that right guidance is just a simple click away.

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Ces't la vie!

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