Millionaire Mindset Seminars

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Have you got the Millionaire Mind-set?
Are you too busy to earn any money?
Let’s cut to the chase!
We make our clients more money!
We change lives by changing minds. The change from Employee to Entrepreneur is a big one and we help people make that leap from earning £1k per month if they are lucky to earning £10k plus per month.
The reality is that the average employed person in the UK earns £28,500 and the average self employed person earns less than £18,000 and only 2% of self-employed people earn over £100,000.
Most small business owners earn much less than they did when they were employed; they are also working harder and longer with less benefits. No holidays and no sick pay!
If they don‚t fix the way they think they will go bust and then back into employment if they haven’t had a heart attack in the mean time!
Come on the Millionaire Mind-set course and we guarantee you, if after finishing the 12 month course and you have applied everything you have learned and you do not at least earn the cost of the course extra, we’ll give you your money back!
If your business needs to generate more cash, this is definitely the course for you!
Even better news is that this course is approved and certificated by the Institute of Leadership and Management! The ILM is a City & Guilds company!
We have new courses starting in January, April, July & October so book now as places are limited to 8 people.
If you want to try before you buy have a look at our introductory seminar here

Change your mind, change your business!

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