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COCO DE MER is rare specie of palm tree native to the Seychelles as being the shape and size of a woman's disembodied buttocks on one side, and a woman's belly and thighs on the other side.

Not surprisingly, this nut was viewed by people in other parts of the world as a rare and fascinating object with mythological and even magical properties.

Historically, these nuts were collected and sold for a "fortune" in Arabia and in Europe.

Now speaking of FORTUNE First Name, COCO DE MER can be linked to an online system which is truly fascinating in terms of selling as it results to earn millions through automation.

If in Seychelles, this nut is their fortune, well in the Philippines there is a great wealth to a continuous business operation through ASCENDING PROFIT SYSTEM.

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This system can scale up from 700-1000-2000-7000 up to 11000 commission based and should you hit 100k monthly income then an additional 100k matching bonus is on hand.

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