Efi Triantopoulos – The Humble Millionaire

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Before venturing out into the world of business, Efi worked for over 10 years in the corporate world with Sensis Pty Ltd and prior to this owning a small business. Since leaving this all behind she is now co-owner & founder of Accme Family Trust, setting up and establishing coin laundries across the country & expanding internationally. She is also Director/Co-founder/owner of WOT Laundry Group, establishing a partnership to explosively expand the foundation of her initial businesses.

Efi’s story is a great showcase of being a creature of habit, happy to work an average JOB but then steps outside her comfort zone and progress to levels of business and passive income as she has. She has learnt that the journey to wealth, freedom and spiritual awakening is a wonderful way to fulfil her life and educate & share her journey with her children and for many generations to come.

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