The Amateur Millionaire’s Club |

(AMC) is a fresh and exciting new docu-television series that both educates and entertains audiences by revealing a candid behind-the-scenes look at the lives of 10 African-American unlikely millionaires as they show and tell their rise to wealth and the challenges of maintaining their new found status. There is a cliché' "More Money More Problems" and this group is no exception. The audience will see firsthand the drama of becoming rich very quickly, juggling family faith and business while living the lifestyle they never dreamed possible.

From the boardroom to the pulpit, this group of tenacious leaders have hundreds of thousands of aspiring follower's within the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) industry, Pop culture's new 21st century business model which levels the playing field by allowing the average Joe the opportunity to become a 12 month millionaire the old fashion way, hard work and perseverance. The show closely follows their successes and failures as they overcome the typical Wall Street stereo type images. Coupled with the dynamic aspect of a reality TV format, the show is focused on educating the viewer by highlighting their business strategies and secrets to becoming a "Main Street Millionaire.

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