Andrew Hallam | The Millionaire Teacher (Episode 354)

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Hosted by Jordan Harbinger and AJ Harbinger

Nearly anyone in any industry or profession, with proper education, planning and execution can become a millionaire: true or false? True according to our guest for episode 354.

Today Andrew Hallam, former finance teacher and author of Millionaire Teacher joins us to talk about the secret to compound interest, how to wisely invest, how to dig yourself out of debt and a host of other finance-related topics. Listen in for all of that and so much more on the 354th edition of The Art of Charm.

The Cheat Sheet:
How much would the average US stock from 20 years ago have earned you today?
How $6.45 a day can get you a million dollars in 39 years.
Why budgeting doesn’t work, and what to do instead.
Auto loans: why they’re a bad idea.
Who is Saint Jack and why should you care?

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