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10 Millionaire Tips

One million is NOT financial security. You need to aim for wealth that can’t be destroyed. Destroyed by an accident, cancer, a car crash or some tragedy. Don’t miscalculate what you need to be rich and prosperous. One million divided by 25 years is only $40,000 a year. That’s not enough to live on.

Here are ten tips to reach multimillionaire status.

1. Decide to Become a Multimillionaire.
Focus on being a multimillionaire, not a millionaire. Aim high. It’s better to fail high, instead of setting a target too low. Don’t miscalculate what you’ll need. And, you must learn to repeat the model and process. Frequency is the way to greatness.

2. Stop All Poverty Behavior.
Having the wrong mindset will hold you back from getting what you want. Refusing to invest in yourself, refusing to network and travel is a self-defeating approach.

3. Study Two Multimillionaires.
Study, watch, learn and emulate the moves and behaviors of wealthy, successful people. Remember, look for multimillionaires that are worth over $10,000,000. Less than that amount, they are interested in conservation and not creation.

4. Work like a Multimillionaire.
You have to put the hours. Now is not the time to relax, it’s the time to reset.

5. Move from Spending to Investing.
Spend to invest. I’d rather invest $1,000 than spend $100. Use your money to create more money.

6. Create Multiple Flows of Income.
They say that the average millionaire has seven flows of income. Not true! A successful, multimillionaire has many, many flows of income.

7. Expand your Network.
Spend your time with customers. You need to spend your time with people who are buying or will buy from you. Every week, get new contacts, meet new people, find new places.

8. Never Lose Money.
Don’t speculate with your investments. Go for the sure thing. Don’t spend money on things that won’t move yourself or your business forward.

9. Make Hard Decisions Fast.
Don’t delay doing something hard. Do it quick.

10. Never Quit and Never Settle.
Keep climbing and attaining.

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