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Filipina American Love Story first time meet LDR , A video about how me and my husband met in an Online Dating site. This is a story of How I met my husband in an Online Dating Site called Its a dating site for single women, men, looking for friends,relationships, and marriage. A single woman looking for love, and friendship in an online dating site, cateres to single Filipina,Filipino that looks for American, Australian, European, or Foreign Men in general.
I am answering some of the questions from friends here
on YOutube, they are wonderful people. I remember the day that I was still chatting with him online. I was 26 when I met him online thru He was around 57 that time and he lived in the USA. We chatted for a year till the time came that he plans to visit here to meet me in person. I flew to Manila to met him for the very first time, and I knew right there and then that things will be different and we will be together for good and be with each other after soo long. We spent the time knowing each other more in Manila, spending time with each other and be together. After a month we went to Cebu to do the papers ( everything was smooth) although there are a lot of things needed o be done and the paperworks and preparation wasnt that easy. We were wed in a Civil Wedding in front of a Mayor/Judge and it was smooth, solemn and ordeal. I cannot forgot the day that he made the vow for me, I felt the sincerity when he cried and told me that He loves me, in fact memories came rushing in as I am typing right now. It was too emotional, the wedding is not that extravagant, it was very simple yet I do feel the intensity of emotions that we both made vow of at that time. Then our journey of being together begins. Our story has just begun and we will the one to make it how we want our life to be. I choose him because he was there when I needed someone the most, he accepted me of who I am, he was braved enough to be with me and to spend his lifetime with with me. I know this is not your typical love story out of the book, but I wanna to go back on to those days that I made a vow to him wholeheartedly and he made his to mine. We both know from our hearts where we stand and what makes us happy. It was a decision that we made that we both want and not listen to what others would say. Afterall this is OUR life, nobody knows ourselves better that the two of us. No one has even been to our shoes and walk a mile for them to know what we really fell. THis is a Filipina American Marriage Proposal , a Filipina American Proposal.

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