On Page SEO – Learn What You Need to Rank on Google

**Editor's Note:
As noted by Search Engine Land on May 14th – Google cut the length of Meta Descriptions to about 160 characters long for desktop devices and about 130 for mobile.
(Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-it-shortened-search-results-snippets-after-expanding-them-last-december-298196)

On-page SEO is a key component of a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy. Watch this video to find out the basics!

In order to begin the process of on-page SEO, you will need a thorough keyword research and analysis. The chosen keywords will be the basis for your website's content and meta data.

Meta data refers to titles, descriptions and headers. Each need to be optimized according to the aforementioned keyword research.

On top of these elements, content is king! So make sure your articles or blog posts are coherent, interesting and well-written.

If you want to know more, then check out our resources below or feel free to leave us questions in the comments.

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