How To Rank Videos on Google & YouTube – (Online Video Marketing Tutorial)

How To Rank Videos on Google & YouTube

Video SEO is the ability to get simple ‘high-converting’ videos ranked and found on the first page of Google and YouTube, and by doing so allow the people who are searching online to find your videos easily and quickly, and subsequently find your business, and whatever it is that you are offering that will fulfil their search.


FACT Youtube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine
FACT Google is the largest
FACT Google owns YouTube

Since YouTube is more easily ranked on Google, Video SEO is one of the easiest ways to provide high value results for your business AND your audience. (When I say ‘audience’ I mean prospects, clients, customers and subscribers). Not many business owners understand the huge value and benefit of ranking a video on Page One.

When you combine the high-demand of online video with the high-value of first page ranking you have a powerful combination. To leverage this opportunity is known as Video Search Marketing. You can easily claim prime real estate on Google Page One, and then use it to attract highly- qualified traffic and leads without the need for pricy Ads.

Online video should be a true business asset, something that gets results and not just something ‘pretty’ on your website. Most video production companies will make you a nice video, they might even put it on your website and your Facebook Page. But what they won’t do is get it to the top of the search engines. Why? Because they’re not leveraging the power of Video SEO.

This brings us to the geeky, techie bit that not many people know about, not even in the online business community… and that is how and why to optimize and rank a video on page 1 of Google and YouTube using VSEO.


Research and identify the keywords and search terms that will form the subject of your video, and subsequently the Title, Description and Tags of your video.

Build Your Video to Rank

Create a video that is built to fulfil its purpose and is formatted to convert. See the 7-Step Formula for High-Converting Online Videos. Remember value driven content and the call to action. You need to incentivize your videos to encourage people to take the actions you require them to take.

Upload Your Video to YouTube

Before uploading to YouTube correctly Title your video file (using your selected keywords). For example, “How To Upgrade a Hard Drive on a PC”. Upload your video file to YouTube as ‘Unlisted’.

Optimize your video

This includes adding your video Title, Description and Tags, all of which should contain elements of your keywords and search terms. DO NOT cram keywords into your Description or repeat them too many times. It won’t help the video rank any easier. Write a good quality Description, and attempt to use all 5,000 characters available, whenever possible.

Add a Custom Thumbnail

Design and create an attention grabbing Custom Thumbnail. Include the Title of your video or at least incorporate some of your keywords into the Text graphics. Make sure it is the correct dimensions, (1280 x 720 px)

Advanced settings

There are further Advanced Settings that you should consider such as Location (for local and geo-targeting), uploading a Transcription of your video to enhance SEO, and Annotations for adding clickable overlays, links to other videos or your website, plus Calls to Action.

How To Rank Videos on Google & YouTube

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