FIFFO Review

FIFFO Review
WEBSITE: before and now it’s
CEO/OWNER: Stanley Leor-Orama Ado
Date Started: September 4, 2017
Date Launched: October 4, 2017
Type of business: Trading with MLM

How To Earn With FIFFO
You can earn in 3 ways.  Inviting, Trading and Ranking .  When you invite members to join the platform, you’ll earn direct referral fee (fiffo coin).  You can also earn by trading fcoin and lastly, your account may earn with their ranking matrix.  When you exit the matrix, you’ll earn reward.

Just like any other online program, most members earn by recruiting or referring new members into the system.  You may earn or loose by trading and that’s the risk that you need to take when investing your money into cryptocurrencies.

When you join programs online make sure that you do your research first.  Join a solid program and search the background of the owner.  Make sure that their products or services are legit. It’s also a… Read More

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