Is There An Assurance That I Won’t Lose My Money?

There is a risk that the value of the stocks which you bought will go down. And if you’re forced to sell your stocks during such times (because you really need cash), then you will experience an actual loss.

However, if you can wait for the stock market to recover, and for the stock price to reach the Target Selling Price, then you’ll be able to sell at a much higher price.

NOTE: There is a risk that the stock price will not reach the Target Selling Price.

So please do not invest in the stock market the money that you plan to spend on Tuition and other short-term current obligations.

Huwag po nating gamitin ang pera para sa pagkain, kuryente, tubig, ospital, at iba pang mga mahalagang gastusin sa stock market.

The question is: Where can I find money to invest in the stock market, if my salary is stretched too thin?

Look at the kasambahays of Bro. Bo Sanchez. How are they able to find a way to invest P2,500 monthly in the stock market… Read More

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