Domain Name Management and O365

Here are some notes related to Domain Name Management and Office 365.

You’ll need to create several DNS records, so review the online resource link below:

» Create DNS records for Office 365 using Windows-based DNS

If you’re using a domain name registered with DotPH (e.g.,, .ph), please note that you’ll need to contact DotPH Technical Support to help you create SRV records.

One alternative is to use Amazon Route 53, so that you can create the SRV records yourself. Otherwise, give DotPH 1 to 2 days to complete your SRV record request.

When it comes to SRVs, the protocol (e.g., _tls, _tcp) will be part of the subdomain name.

To add the SRV _sip (with protocol _tls) and point it to, the subdomain will be _sip._tls

Please enter the subdomain in the box found on the left of your domain name in the Amazon Route 53 “Create Record Set” area.

In the Value box, pl… Read More

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