B.O.S.S. Network PH Business Review

B.O.S.S. Network PH Business Review

BOSS Network PH is a new multi level marketing business in the Philippines.  This is too early for me to write a review yet so I’ll update this post when I get more details about this company.

I join different online opportunities so that I can write a review about the products and the compensation plan but I don’t promote all of those products or programs.  I don’t include my affiliate link or my referral link if I don’t like how the program works or if I don’t like the products or services that the program or company offers.

I hope that they will automate the buying of codes via the website soon since buying activation codes from members is hassle and frustrating at times.

BOSS Network PH Products

BOSS Network Products are perfume and beauty soap.  I still have to receive the products that came with my membership at the end of the month hopefully and I’ll update this post once I receive… Read More

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